REMSgovernment incident report™ — is a secure web site for Sponsors to create and report Range Incident Reports. This service creates a comprehensive digital record of the state‚Äôs preferred IR form.

The reporting system identifies incidents by sponsors, instructors, exercises, and injuries. Through IR report filtering, you can easily identify outlier incidents on your ranges that require attention.

The form is designed to significantly improve the accuracy and the speed of data entry and validates all incident form data fields that has been collected via online student registration and class creation.


REMSgov•ir™ highlights

Incident Reporting

supports the MSF, Oregon, California, and generic Incident Report forms. REMSgov•ir™ provides validation for all Incident form data fields that have a corresponding data element. This significantly improves the accuracy and the speed of the data entry. REMSgov•ir™ links Incident Reporting to the student and the class records and provides email integration and tracking for emailing REMSgov•ir™ Incident Reports.

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